Honda 4 Stroke Engine Oils are premium quality engine oils Tested by Honda R&D. They conform to international specifications of JASO (Japanese Automobile Standard Organization) MA & MB. Honda 4 Stroke Engine Oils have been developed keeping in mind the difficult driving conditions prevalent on Indian roads. To meet the complete lubrication needs of your Honda Scooters & Motorcycles we strongly recommend that you use Honda 4 Stroke Engine Oils only. Test evaluation of Honda 4 Stroke Engine Oil indicates the clear benefits of this oil over conventional 4T Oils.

Honda 4 Stroke Engine Oil provides the following benefits compared to other:
» Lubrication

A lubricant that overpowers the frictional resistance to reduce wear & tear and gives your engine a longer life.
» Sealing

An oil to seal the clearances within your engine and gives you maximum power of your engine.
» Cooling

Oil that cools and soothes your engine under extreme conditions of heat.
» Cleaning

Oil that not only lubricates but also cleans, to give your engine sludge free life.
» Anti Rust

An unseen but vital role played to prevent your engine's metallic parts from corrosion.
» Fuel Economy

Oil that resists oxidation & prevents itself from thickening , thus reduced friction and better fuel economy