Full Digital Meter

Precise info makes a great ride into the future.

Muscular Tank

Forward leaning shrouds and carbon patterned cover add to the raw muscular look.

Aggro Head Lamp

For that fierce look you love.

Dual Petal Disc Brakes

Better Heat dissipation to maintain braking efficiency.

5-Spoke Split Alloy Wheels

One of its kind alloy wheels which redefine sporty.

Combi Brake System

For better statbility in short braking distances.

Compact Muffler

Silver finished cover for street sport looks.

X-Shaped Led Tail Light

Your sign for those on your tail.

Mono Suspension

Keeps the centre of gravity going and your ride stable.

Wider Rear Tyre

140MM is your broad and clear mark on the streets.

Powerful 160cc Engine

Raw power of 160cc to keep you ahead of all.


HET technology delivers class leading mileage, Honda’s social responsibility shows in one of the first enviorment friendly engines in the cateogry.