More than the Need for Speed

The TFT-LCD monitor provides the rider with information, including riding modes, settings as well as the traditional speedometer and techometer information. Also, when used in race mode, it offers lap numbers, times, and splits.

ÖHLINS Smart EC Controlled Cushioning

Both front and back suspension offer controlled damping from ÖHLINS - a Honda first. In active mode, a stepping motor uses information from sensors to control the damping force of both the front and rear suspensions to respond to riding conditions. Designed to stabilize the bike when accelerating or decelerating and in cornering, smart controlled cushioning offers the rider a more stable and fun ride.

Titanium Muffler Tuned for Sound

MotoGP bikes use titanium mufflers, and now, so does the CBR1000RR. Shaving 3kg off the muffler wasn’t easy, but it yielded a result that delivers lightweight and a sensual growl. The new muffler incorporates an internal exhaust valve that improves performance and sounds like speed.

Tuned for Hard-core Riders

The ultimate response the power for the ultimate enthusiast. Packed with technology once reserved for racers, the new CBR1000RR delivers the best power to weight ratio of any of its predecessors. The engine alone is 2kg lighter with peak power of 141kW@13,000rpm. It’s the definition of exhilaration.

Slipper Clutch and Quick Shifter

Enjoy seamless acceleration with an auto-blip function. There’s no need to fumble with a clutch on the new CBR1000RR, so quick and smooth gear transitions take riding to a new level of excitement without having to adjust the throttle. Experience a new dimension of power and performance with nimble and seamless shifting.

Tight, Compact, and Aerodynamic Fairings and Headlight

The pursuit of ultimate aerodynamic design over the fairings led to a narrower stance and lighter weight, shaving 30mm off the radiator size. The LED head lights sit over the air intake for a sleek and performance-driven design.