Slipper clutch and Quick Shifter

Enjoy seamless acceleration with an auto-blip function. there's no need to fumble with a clutch on the new CBR 1000RR, so quick and smooth gear transitions take riding to a new level of excitement without having to adjust the throttle. Experience a new dimension of power and performance with nimble and seamless shifting.

Radical and compact lighting

Every light on the CBR 1000RR is LED and have been redesigned in the pursuit of aerodynamics. compact and bright, the two front lights promote a sleek racing image over the face of bike. the age over the face of bike indicators all use LED lightings.

Everything right in front of the rider

The TFT-LCD meter displays everything the rider needs to communicate with the bike. the display is first for Honda and offers street, racetracks, and mechanic modes, making it easy for the rider to feel at one with the bike.

Power to weight : Engine Designed for Exhilaration

The CBR1000RR Engine Represents more than evolution. It's a revolution. Lightweight with a bump compression ratio of 13.0 and peak power of 141kw@13,000rpm,the engine delivers on power-to-weight-ratio and uses a TBW (Throttle By wire) system, which is a first for the Honda Inline four. Experience the power and the smooth fee of technology.

Titanium Muffler Tuned for sound

MotoGP bikes use titanium muffle rs, and now, so does the CB1000RR.Shaving 3kg off the muffler wasn't easy, but it yielded a result that delivers lightweight and a sensual growl. The new muffler incorporates an internal exhaust valve that improves performance and sounds like speed.

Radial Mount Caliper and Lightweight Wheels

Five Y-shaped spokes deliver exceptional weight savings and rigidity for performance on wheels that reduce weight by optimizing wall thickness. The newly engineered wheels incorporate radial-mount brake calliper that are light, yet offer exceptional stiffness and braking performance for sharp and nimble handling.