Honda Genuine Parts

Keeping in mind the safety of all our users, we at Honda recommend you to use only genuine spare parts in Honda products. All Honda genuine parts comply to stringent quality norms and meet the Honda global quality standards.

For easy identification, all Honda Genuine Parts contain a high security MRP Label.

Full label with "Security Slits"

Look for the complete label. Two security slits are inside the label to ensure that the label cannot be removed without getting torn from the pack

Floating Wing Logo

The alternate wings appear to float in the foreground

Image switch, Logo to text

A. While looking at the hologram when the label is straight, you will see the Honda wing logo unit

B. Rotate the label 90 degrees anticlock wise, you will see the in between the logos

Hidden text (below scratched Hologram)

Scratch the hologram with coin and you will see the hidden message "Honda Genuine Parts"