Body Color Grab

When people look up to you for style, it’s important to give attention to little things. Thus, CB Unicorn comes with a Grab that matches the body’s color.

Handle Bar Weights

The Handle Bar Weight gives you more stability. It lets you stay in control giving you a smoother ride.

Stylish Meter Console

The CB Unicorn comes with a smart meter console that not only reminds you of speed and other riding data but, also adds to your adrenalin rush.

3D Wing Mark Emblem with premium styling

The Honda Wing Mark has been placed on the fuel tank in a 3-dimensional form, giving it a royal and sophisticated look.

Viscous Air Filter

CB Unicorn is equipped with newly introduceed viscous air filter to cut down on maintenance

Superior Performance with Black Robust Engine

Now go from 0 to 60 kmph in just 5 seconds*. CB Unicorn is equeipped with powerful 13.14 bhp engine with several cutting edge technolgies. This ensure smooth power delivery in all speed ranges.

Gear Shift Lever

Now maneuver your ride easily with the simplified gear shift lever. Designed specially to place the control on your toes.

Mono-suspension for Better Comfort

The racing inspired state-of-the-art mono-suspension fitted on tough yet flexible diamond frame provides stability and comfort for confident riding over any road surface.

Black Alloy Wheels & Front Disc Brake

The CB Unicorn comes dressed with premium & sporty alloy wheels with front disc brakes. this adds to the overall character of the bike which provides sure and responsive control over any road surface & enhances riding comfort.

Premium Front Cowl

The front cowl design with chrome finish glorifies the image and perfect air routing enhances the aerodynamics. CB unicorn 150′s long visor is another additive which makes it more permium.